Glenda Dawson High School – Pearland Independent School District

The proposed plan was developed to recall the more traditional school image. Like many
traditional and more formal schools, the classrooms are located at the front of the building
allowing for a symmetrical massing and regular spacing of the windows. The main entry
to the school is easily identifiable because it is located at the center axis of a symmetrical
facade. Additionally, the sense of arrival is enhanced by a raised three-story entry portico.

The entry leads visitors directly into a skylit “main street” or lobby space flanked on one side
by the administration suite and the other side by the Library. From this location a visitor can
immediately see the central main street and commons space. These spaces instantly act as
an orientation device for visitors. The central location of the administration suite provides
good control and monitoring of the entire school. Additionally, these offices have exterior
windows, which serve to enhance the administrator’s environment and help them monitor
the front of the school.

The commons is the “heart” of the building. This two-story space is flanked on two sides by
food service facilities. Windows from the commons provide views to the courtyard, which is
directly outside this space.

The main street separates the “quiet” academic classroom areas from the “noisy” electives
such as music, physical education, and technology shops. Additionally, the main street
serves as the main artery for circulation throughout the building. All the major curriculum
departments have a front on the mall. At opposite ends of the main street are the gymnasiums
and the auditorium, making these spaces easily separated for after hours use.
Site amenities includes approximately 1,200 parking spaces, parent drop-off stack space of
1,489 linear feet, bus stacking space of 1,165 linear feet, a football/track stadium, baseball
and softball competition fields, tennis courts and other sport practice fields.

Project Specifics:

New High School
2050 Cullen Blvd, Pearland, TX 77581
FINAL COST: $54,113,850