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    Klein Cain High School

  • Klein Cain High School

  • Klein Cain High School

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Klein Cain High School – Klein Independent School District

Klein Cain High School’s campus showcases some of the most innovative, next generation design in modern day learning spaces while its exterior completely compliments the rich history and heritage of the community it will serve for decades to come. Clearly identifiable entrances provide enhanced wayfinding for students, faculty and visitors.

Key elements include a Main Street circulation spine that integrates student flow with breakout areas and flex learning spaces. A natural light-filled Learning Hub serves as the building’s heart with adjacent micro-environments offering multiple types of learning and interaction settings for students and faculty. Transparency is emphasized between core circulation and learning spaces to promote visual continuity.

Project Specifics:

New High School
10201 Spring Cypress Rd, Houston, TX 77070